How to look classy on a budget

There is something about a classy, timeless look that just screams ‘money’, but for those of us without a Kardashian budget, there are some ways that we can get this aesthetic without maxing out the credit cards.

All black everything

Black is the most classic shade that goes with everything and makes you look instantly cooler. The secret to really rocking black is not letting it get faded in the wash, or develop those annoying little pills that make clothes look worn and old. If you do get these, you can shave them off using a razor to make it look as good as new. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, just get some key staple items that you can mix and match to create different looks, and keep them in good condition. You can’t go wrong with some tailored black pants or a classy pair of black heels.

How to look classy on a budget

Speaking of heels

A pair of heels, as long as they are an appropriate heel-length and look, can really add some class to a look. A simple pair of nude stilettos can add a lot to an outfit, or if you are wanting a flatter option, a pair of black, pointed loafers can work well. You don’t have to spend a lot on the shoes as long as you keep them in perfect condition, as scuffed shoes can ruin a classy look in seconds!

Rock a blazer

A well-fitted blazer can instantly add some class and polish to an outfit, whether you are wanting to smarten up an outfit for work, or add to a simple jeans and tee outfit with heels for a classy yet casual vibe. Mix it up with colors and patterns to make sure you’re looking chic and fashionable rather than corporate and stuffy.

Signature lip color

A slick of red lipstick can really give you an air of sophistication and class. Make sure you keep it topped up and avoid the awkward moment of getting some on your teeth as that is a very bad look. Find a color that works with your skin tone and coloring, and it doesn’t matter if it’s high end or drugstore as long as it suits you.

Devil is in the details

It’s often the small details which can ruin your look. For example, before you leave the house, check for any loose threads or lint on your clothes. Having your nails done nicely can also make all the difference. You don’t have to fork out for expensive acrylic nails, just keep them filed to an even length and if you are going to use a polish, ensure it’s not chipped. Invest in a good polish or topcoat, and keep on top of your manicure maintenance.

How to look classy on a budget

It’s all about the confidence

Class isn’t just about looks, but also your persona and overall aura. Walk with confidence, but not over-confidence, and own every room you are in with a smile and grace. Classy women are always polite and respectful and try to avoid losing their cool, even in stressful situations. Something as simple as straightening up your posture can increase your levels of class and sophistication.

So, don’t go into debt just to get that perfect Audrey Hepburn look – simply follow these simple tips and ooze sophistication!