traits that people find attractive

When it comes to physical attraction, we all have our tastes – dark hair, light hair, brown eyes, blue eyes, tall or short. The chances are that everyone is physically attractive to someone, but what about when it comes to personality traits? Here are some that are shown to make you more attractive.

A good sense of humor

Have you ever noticed that when someone makes you laugh regularly, they start to become a little more attractive? Even some odd-looking comedians have fans who find them attractive, just because they are so funny. People love to laugh, and to be with someone who doesn’t take life seriously is a recipe for a happier life.

traits that people find attractive


Motivated people are motivating! No one wants to be with a partner who spends all day lying on the couch watching TV and never wants to do anything with their life. These types of people can really drag us down and make us follow suit. Be with someone who makes you want to be the best version of yourself and gives you a bit of get-up-and-go!


When you realize someone has lied to you, even if it’s about something small and seemingly insignificant, it will affect your trust with them and start to make them seem less attractive. You don’t want to be questioning if you are being told the truth constantly, so someone who is honest is a big plus.


Empathy is very important with any human, but especially someone you want to spend your life with. Knowing that they can understand how others feel is really special (and not as common as you might think). It’s what makes them good lovers, and potentially one day parents (whether to human or furry babies).


It’s nice to feel heard, and if you feel as though a potential partner has no interest in what you’re saying, you know they are not for you. There’s something so lovely about being in a relationship where the other person remembers little details about your life that you can’t even remember telling them.

traits that people find attractive


This doesn’t have to be academic intelligence – perhaps they aren’t a whiz with a pen, but they can take apart a computer and reassemble it again quickly. Being able to have an intelligent conversation or a healthy, playful debate gives your relationship an extra layer and will keep you both engaged for years after your looks fade.


Not just passion for you, but enthusiasm for something that they really care about is important. Whether that’s their family, a cause, their career or model trains – there is something so wonderful about hearing someone talk passionately about something. They have a love of life that others don’t seem to possess, and if they can throw their heart and soul into something, you know that they could do it with you too!


We can’t all be happy all of the time; it’s not practical or healthy. However, it can be really disheartening to be around someone who is always dragging you down with their negativity. Life can be difficult sometimes, and things happen that we have no control over, so you want your teammate to be someone who doesn’t crumble when things go wrong.

So, if you are wondering why you find that quirky-looking barista so attractive, perhaps it is all down to their sense of humor and optimistic outlook. Ask them out!