Jobs that are making a comeback

We’re often told that machines are replacing people in the job market, but is that strictly true? Sure we rely on machines and computers more than ever, but there is still time for the old ways. These old school jobs that are making a comeback and proving that not everything new is always bigger and better.


It probably won’t have escaped your attention that there seem to be more barbershops on our streets than ever before. Men are taking care of themselves better and more often than ever before, and that has seen the rise of the barber. Many guys would see a trip to the barbershop as a necessity to keep their hair trimmed, but today it’s an experience. Newer shops are styled with vintage in mind, and the hairstyles are more creative than ever.

Jobs that are making a comeback


Thanks to websites like Etsy and Folksy, people are able to make a living through their skill with leather. Before leatherworkers would only really be able to sell their stuff at markets and craft fairs, but now their products can be shipped all over the world. Thanks to relatively cheap shipping costs it’s now viable for leatherworkers to create designs in their home and have people from all corners of the globe buy their stuff.


These days people are becoming more aware of the waste we produce in our society, and so they are turning to quality over quantity. Cheap furniture has been essential to modern living for years, but now the carpenter is finding their skills in demand.

People want their furniture to be a focal point of their home, and that means hiring an expert craftsperson like a carpenter to do the job. Assembling your furniture yourself is no longer cutting it with people, so the need for good carpenters is on the rise.


Many people now want to taste their local produce rather than some mass-produced food that came from a factory hundreds of miles away. We’re eating local produce more and supporting farmers who work in our own little parts of the world.

That has seen a resurgence in the number of milkmen as folks want their milk delivered to their door once more. While buying milk from the grocery store is still the norm, should the trend continue we might all go back to having it delivered to us.

Food trucks

Food trucks are big business these days, and they pack a lot of flavor for often little cost. They are also a great way for aspiring head chefs to trail their own menus and see whether they would work as a restaurant or not.

Jobs that are making a comeback

In towns and cities all over the world gourmet food trucks are popping up everywhere, and it’s now way more than hotdogs and burgers. Social media plays a huge role in helping to make food trucks getting their faces out there, and they are now the perfect place to grab lunch.

While many people fear they are going to lose their job to a machine, the revivals of these industries just shows that everything comes back around. We can once again rely on some of the oldest jobs to allow people to make a living and make other people happy at the same time.