Hacks that will make your closet look bigger

Hey, not everyone out there is blessed to have a walk-in closet, right? Some of us have much smaller areas to work with. No matter your closet size, however, there are always ways that you can make it appear bigger. Be warned, though — some of these hacks will require you to make some serious life decisions. While we may be exaggerating just a teeny bit, some thought process will be necessary for you. Yet, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Make sure to utilize all the space you can

Truth be told, the best way to utilize all the space in your closet (or closets) is to invest in some shelf organizers. Instead of stacking everything up to make it impossible to get to something on the bottom, it may be best to stack your items on individual shelves. While you could always build and install shelves yourself, you could take the easy way and search the web for some shelf organizers. Also, don’t forget about utilizing all the space you possibly can… even the backside of the door can be used for storage!

Hacks that will make your closet look bigger

Install a light inside

Part of the reason why your closet may appear to be so small is that you can’t actually see the entire contents inside. Some of you may already have a dedicated light inside, and that’s great. For those who don’t, consider installing one. Now, you don’t necessarily have to hardwire closet lights into your home. There are many battery-operated models that you can look into. The web is a ginormous place, and they pretty much make anything nowadays.

Keep it organized

This was touched on earlier, but it really needs to be reiterated. The more organized you keep your closet, the more room there is going to be. Hence, the extra space will make it appear larger than it actually is. Plus, in the process, you open up free space that you can utilize. We know it’s hard for some of you, but remaining organized truly is the best way to go about this.

Only store seasonal items inside

Just because you own a closet doesn’t mean you have to place everything you own inside of the darn thing. So, how about this? Try just storing seasonal items inside. For example, during the summer, don’t keep your winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and stuff like that stuffed inside. Find a different place for those items. Then, when winter hits, swap out your closet with the clothes and items you’ll need.

Hacks that will make your closet look bigger

Have a garage sale

Raise your hand if you wear literally every single article of clothing that you own. Let’s be real, no one’s hand should be raised right now. Okay, if you legitimately do wear all your clothes, that’s actually impressive. For most of us who don’t, it may be time to sort through them. Then, for the clothes that you know you don’t wear anymore, either toss them out (if they’re in rough shape), take them to a secondhand store, or coordinate a garage sale. Let’s be honest, you probably have enough stuff to start a garage sale. Heck, you could even get your friends and family to do the same thing. Then, you all can have one monstrous sale.

Really, as you can see, making your closet larger isn’t rocket science. Sure, you may have to part ways with some of the things you own, or you’ll need to invest in some organizational pieces, but it can be done. Hey, it’s better than having to deal with an overstuffed closet, right?