The fashion hack that can save you space

Admit it, you’re one of those people that really doesn’t enjoy wearing the same thing twice. Hey, we’re not here to judge anyone, as everyone is different in their preferences. It’s perfectly fine if you enjoy wearing different clothes all the time. However, that can get downright expensive, not to mention it can be hard to keep track of all the clothes you’ve gathered. For those of you who are looking for an answer on how to combat this situation, you’re in luck. You see, there are certain articles of clothing that are more versatile than you might initially think.


Alright, so this one might be a little out there for some of you. However, we bet that there are quite a few of you who enjoy wearing blazers. They’re a nice piece, but did you know that you can actually wear them backward? As crazy as it sounds, blazers are one of the clothing pieces that work best for this. What you’ll wind up with is the V-shaped neck at the back. With the blazer reversed around, you’ll end up with a high neck collar on the front. It sounds silly but if you pair with the blazer with a nice pair of trousers, you may wind up loving the results.

The fashion hack that can save you space

Trench coats

Honestly, you can probably pull this off with any coat that has buttons. It’s funny how that’s the way it seems to work, right? So, whatever jackets or coats that you have in your closet, flip them around and see how they look on you. That said, you may need to get someone’s help when you need to get inside of them and when you need to get out of them. All in the meanwhile, however, you will be rocking a brand-new style. The best part? You didn’t even half to spend any extra money to do so!


This is similar to what has already been talked about. Yet, it’s important to specifically mention cardigans here, as they are pretty much the staple for this sort of thing. Additionally, cardigans themselves are sort of an old-school style. So, spicing up the look by wearing them in reverse is a great way to stay with the times. You’d be surprised at the number of people who are doing the exact same thing.

The fashion hack that can save you space

Inside-out shorts

Would you consider this one cheating a little bit? Many of you are aware that engineers design inside-out shorts. Basically, they’re shorts that can be worn both inside and outside. It’s the manner in which they are designed, but they still do a wonderful job of saving space for you. You are left with one pair of shorts that can be worn in two different ways. Sure, you still need to wash them as you normally would. Yet, if you decided to buy two or three of these types of shorts, you’d be set for the entire summer. Of course, this also depends on how strict you are with wearing new clothes. No matter how you approach it, inside-out shorts serve their purpose extremely well.

What do you think? Do you think that you’d be willing to save some of your closet space with these neat hacks? We know; it really does seem pretty outlandish to just wear your clothes in reverse. For the record, this is not something that will work for all types of clothing. Then again, we’re sure you knew that already. Can you imagine wearing your jeans in reverse? Yeah, that wouldn’t work too well. Yet, for the above items, it’s going to work better than you might think.