Why do we love the royal family so much?

The Royal Family is everywhere right now. Just when you think they’re done stealing the spotlight, they go and announce another engagement or pregnancy. Of course, most of us don’t seem to mind given we have a soft spot for the monarchy. Even though we fought for independence from the British in the 1700s, recent years have seen us embrace their royal reign once again. Why is that, though?

The stuff of fairytales

A lot of children grow up watching Disney movies and reading fairy tales. More often than not, these stories revolve around princesses because it’s what a lot of children – girls, especially – fantasize about when they’re younger. Disney’s collection of princesses form one of the best-selling media franchises in the world, with an estimated total revenue of $45 billion. Clearly, the concept of being a royal is something that appeals to many children.

Why do we love the royal family so much?

With that in mind, it’s no surprise so many Americans grow up interested in the Royal Family. In the United States, you can’t realize this dream because there’s no monarchy. However, there’s a possibility of making that fantasy a reality overseas where the royals seem to be everywhere.

It’s a welcome distraction

To a lot of Americans, the Royal Family doesn’t seem entirely real. The lives they lead are so different from what people are used to that it’s almost like they’re on a TV show. That’s why investing in them is so fun, though.

The monarchy is seen as a form of escapism in the way that a good book or enticing film is. You might not be able to lose yourself in it forever, but for a little while, it can distract you from the outside world. Given the things happening around us right now, that escapism is definitely something that’s appreciated.

‘The Truman Show’ effect

When people like a celebrity, they often try to keep up to date on everything that happens in their lives. However, few stars seem to receive as much attention as those in the Royal Family. While everyone else seems to be relegated to the gossip columns, the Queen and her descendants are sometimes front-page news.

The more these royals are talked about, the deeper an understanding people develop about their lives. Before long, they’ve seen them at their best, their worst, and everything in between. It’s like a real-life version of ‘The Truman Show,’ only the Royal Family know they’re being watched.

Why do we love the royal family so much?

An American in their midst

While Meghan Markle is only a recent addition to the Royal Family, her presence has certainly given Americans another reason to love the monarchy. After all, she made history in 2018 when she became the first citizen of the US to join the Royal Family. America had technically had ties to the monarchy before when King Edward VIII fell in love with Wallis Simpson. However, if the man wanted to get married, he had to abdicate because his family wasn’t ready to embrace an American divorcee.

Thankfully, times have changed, and Meghan is now an integral part of the monarchy. Her presence not only gives people here someone to root for, but it also shows a growing connection between Britain’s royals and the people of America.

Just as people have different views about the Royal Family, everyone has their own reason for liking or disliking them. However, regardless of why you feel a certain way about them, there’s no doubt the monarchy has had quite an impact on this proud nation of Americans.