4 tips on how to organize the perfect party

Does the thought of planning a party fill you with dread? Are you overwhelmed in a world of Pinterest-perfect ideas, with no idea how to execute them? The fear of a party flop can put people off even trying to throw a soiree, but here are four top tips on how you can make your party the best.

What is it for?

It sounds silly, but before you start planning, really think about the party, and what it’s for. Are you planning a high-energy children’s party or just a relaxed grown-up house party? Are you planning for organized games, will there be alcohol, is it to celebrate a particular event or just because? It’s so easy to get caught up in different ideas, but they are not always appropriate for the party you want to throw, which could make for an awkward ambiance during the event. Try to imagine how you would want the party to go, and that can be the starting point for your party.

4 tips on how to organize the perfect party

Choose the right people

People make a party, and so when you are planning the guestlist, really think about who you want to invite. If you have a friend who always fights with others when she’s had a little too much to drink, perhaps don’t ask her if there are going to be plenty of drinks. If there is someone who just seems to suck all the happiness out of a room, they probably shouldn’t be on the invite list either! Not everyone needs to know each other, in fact, it’s pretty cool to see different groups of friends meeting each other and forming bonds – after all, the one thing they have in common is that they are your friends!

Food, drink, and music

As long as you have plenty of food and drink and the right kind of music, you have a party atmosphere. Be sure to offer things to cater for different dietary requirements, and have some soft drinks for those designated drivers. There is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring some snacks or beverages to share to lower the cost on your side. It also means you’ll have a diverse mix of items. If your party is themed, perhaps it is a Superbowl watching party, or to celebrate graduation, check out some fun themed food and drinks you can make. This will really get people talking about your party for years to come. When it comes to music, try to match it to the tone of the party and remember that people might not want to dance straight away, but once a few people are on the dancefloor, everyone else will join! Stick on some crowd-pleasers that you know will get heads bopping.

4 tips on how to organize the perfect party

Enjoy yourself!

It’s a party, so you should be having fun. Although hosting can be stressful, once the party is in full swing, you should be able to enjoy yourself and reap the rewards of all your hard work. Make sure you take time to grab some food and a drink in between mingling, and don’t just spend the whole time fussing and worrying about whether everyone is having a good time. You deserve to have fun, too!

Once you’ve nailed the perfect party, you’ll find yourself wanting to host parties for all sorts of reasons! Third Tuesday in November party anyone?